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Clarinda Carnegie Art Museum opens new exhibition: Crossing Borders, Crossing Boundaries

The Clarinda Carnegie Art Museum will host an opening reception on Sunday, Nov. 20, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. to mark the opening of its new exhibition, Crossing Borders, Crossing Boundaries.

The show’s 35 works are from the Karen and Robert Duncan Collection and the Kathryn and Marc LeBaron Collection. They explore a range of perceptions concerning borders and boundaries: geographic, cultural, emotional, political, temporal and intellectual.

The exhibition will include works by California photographer Diane Meyer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln art professor Francisco Souto, and Russian-born and Boston-based artist Asya Reznikov.

Meyer focuses on the ghostly residue of a geographic, political border. She has photographed sites along the path of the former Berlin Wall and has hand sewn the wall’s form into her images, making its memory palpable.

Souto has looked on with horror as Venezuela, his homeland, has collapsed into bankruptcy and a dangerous vacuum of political power. Souto’s drawing, Memoria y Cuenta, Venezuela #1 (Memory and Account, Venezuela #1), beckons viewers to examine the tiny, detailed figures that give visual testimony to this deterioration.

On a lighter, yet poignant, note, Reznikov’s charming video installation, Matroshka, shows the Russian immigrant opening suitcases, only to find smaller suitcases inside. She works through a series of bags, only to start the process over again.

The Clarinda Carnegie Art Museum (CCAM) is open from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays and Sundays or by appointment. Crossing Borders, Crossing Boundaries will be on exhibition through May 28. For more information, please contact Director Trish Bergren at (712) 435-0007 or by email.

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