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The Modernist Figure

Neri’s figurative works were shaped by his intense curiosity and passion for the hands-on act of making. His female figures are without refined facial features or precisely rendered musculature. Instead, they are timeless forms that seem to burst with energy and vitality. Their textured, painted surfaces hint at the history of human depiction.


Folded Forms

Ginnever says to get maximum enjoyment from his works one must explore them from every side. The effort pays off, because as one circles his sculptures, glimpses of birds, airplanes and figures materialize then fade. Some works have windows that challenge viewers’ ideas about perspective and how we look at objects. Others, despite their one-ton heft, seem as though they are capable of taking flight.

Beth Van Hoesen

Lyrical Line and The Magical Art of Print Making

Beth Van Hoesen had an affinity for both wild and domestic animals, along with the capacity to delve into their fundamental natures. She related a story about a conversation with a friend that took place after a two-week period in which the artist had chased her cat this way and that to get several good drawings. Her friend said of the renderings: “You’ve sentimentalized the cat,” to which Van Hoesen replied: “No, that’s the way she looked.” Then her friend commented: “You’ve anthropomorphized her,” to which the artist responded again, “No, that’s the way she looked.”

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