Karen Duncan – Co-Founder & President

Karen Duncan is a distinguished figure in the art community, known for her passion for visual art and her dedication to arts education. Karen’s journey into the art world began early in her married life, as she and her husband, Robert Duncan, developed a shared interest in art. After settling in Lincoln, Nebraska, Robert’s leadership role at Duncan Aviation provided Karen with the opportunity to immerse herself in the local arts scene.

Under the mentorship of George Neubert, Director of the Sheldon Museum of Art, Karen began to learn about visual art and the intricacies of art collection. Her keen interest and dedication led to the development of a collection that has since garnered international attention.

Reflecting on their journey, Karen and Robert often find themselves surprised by the impact of their collection. As their schedules have become more flexible, their mutual passion for art has only grown. Together, they are committed to sharing their collection and enhancing arts education and experiences for the community.

Karen’s involvement with community arts organizations in Lincoln has been instrumental in fostering a vibrant arts scene. Her efforts have made significant contributions to making art accessible and enjoyable for all. Karen Duncan’s legacy is marked by her unwavering commitment to the arts and her belief in the power of art to enrich lives.

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